What comes first - cover
What comes first - cover

What comes first

What makes us feel safe nowadays? What’s the origin of our deepest fears? How do we face the unexpected? Immersed in a raw musical atmosphere, what comes first is a solo performance that invites the audience to witness an unmeasured search of self-protection. Locked in squared mouvements and aborted momentums, the performer is struggling for perfection offering a choreography with the aim of closely monitoring the sounds that surround him.



Choreographer and performer
Loraine Dambermont

Music composition
Loraine Dambermont

Piano recording
Abel Bakema

10 minutes

Eva Campo Suarez, Jean-Marc Schneider

Stef Meul

Outside eye
Noora Hannula

Try outs
November 11st 2014 at Sign6, Brussels - December 10th 2014 at Open Monday Volksroom, Brussels

February 06th 2015 at Loona Night Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK)

Selected at
HAUT Young Choreographers festival, Copenhagen (DK) - August 26-29th 2015

Special Thanks to
Beppie Blankert, Ancrez en scène asbl, La Halte (Liège)